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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 10, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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department. reporter: one of of the big questions is why the obama administration originally blamed in incident on an internet video. od rarhharessman jasffz wh lyaast wk. >> when i was in libya a good part of the day never once did a
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person ever mention a vid. never. and i am fascinated to know and understand from the president of enidtates, fro ety,ndro na ty can justify that this video caused this attack. it was a terrorist attack. >> reporter: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us live in washington. we know you've bati t r h oni t cma s ste dartmen in that late-day briefing to reporters made his position known drawing a sharp distinction from the white house narrative that was a demonstration that spun out of control. >> they hd a broad news confenceveheho thtevnar department's position, i repeat, never been the state department's position that in fact this assault was part of a row actio reaction to a
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s croray numous tnes ast-bwers. >> reporter: committee members told this morning in opening statements that there was a preoccupation in washington with reducing the number of american security personnel at the consulate and rlacing them with libyan guards, that there was a rusho move towards a durenc aer a sies ttacheai sainnemptt british ambassador. >> the secretary bombing was an improvised explosive device that was placed on the northgate breaching the wall. it was a test by tstnd ucnd w dn'tspul adequately. >>eporter: fox was first to report on september 17th based on an intelligence source on the ground in libya there was no demonstration at the consulate. that reporting severely undercut thetoli tenazi was emstti b rsr thapuout ntl dmars heard the same. >> contry to early assertions
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by the administration let's understand there was no prost, stehe f a reveahand t r hav tt video. >> reporter: in the last few minutes we heard from the head of diplomatic security, eric nordstrom, he said a all levels of government thereere requests to have fully armed f t denepent wasqut eendpeci t also denied. >> reporter: thank you so much catherine herridge. we'll listen to more of the testimony in a moment. but we want to remind you about the four amerins who lost ded lifeo a career into o international relations. before serving as our ambassador to libya ambassador stevens was 52 years old. shaun smith was a ten year veteran of the state department, married, a father of t enoughasorki
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private company when he was killed. he had spent 9 years as a navy seal. 42 years old. tyrone woods spent two decades as a seal and began career as nt iur byif a then is describing how this attack unfolded. let's list even in for a moment. >> my friends and colleagues, and i trust them with my life. >> thank you. i would direct that ha beak reflection though commercially available in this hearing room we are not going to point out details of what may still be in ft -- ep lis ndk s ne contributor. i want to talk about what darrell issa said which is the headline of all this. there were no processes on
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september 11th outside of the consulate in benghazi. exactly what ambassador susan rice hadonnll talk tbo tre w rotes. reporter: she didn't just go on one show, it wasn't an offhand comment which would be bad enough, she went on fe television showso share this narrative. since that period ever time we've had this gradual walk of tmbsaasncer herew organizations digging into this and now this blockbuster testimony on capitol hill from two security agents who h who were beggi forore help. stio s pnn oadhr ti oer ouerib think to just regular people watching this who aren't experts in this. three, really? that's all we could give them? something is wrong here. >> reporter: i think what you're referring toys colonel andrew wosesmo h oved surdo
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heen rngithim. he was an avid runner. colonel wood would go on these daily runs with chris stevens and he said he was disappointed when he heard that the state depament had ded not to extend theond stth senre fact, threats and attacks had only ramped up in the mths. why didn't the state department want to extend them? >> reporter: i think we're going to have to find out. da aartlyon ween sn i stayss et arba aigewwhees a day off the campaign trail. i'll remind everybody watching fox right now the day after september 11th when we lost our ambassador and three other brave souls the president went onto campaign in nevada. he reference epd the a wen,t heamign lnd nhe q er. hi before the election takes place we should know the truth about the economy, what the numbers really mean and we should kno the truth about the sensitive issue of benghazi. this is a critical issue.
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whether it was confidence, or rrupti oric won ly kw. th a t w verify plea untrue. >> reporter: interesting that secretary of state hillary clinton is meeting with the president. there seems to be a schism in their narratives. it was hillary clinton who not immeately, but soon after startedri tohi a an in stark can tros to what ambassador susan rice was saying. is hillary clinton on a different page? >> it seems like it. perhaps she is in the white house today to get bacon the same page as barack obama. wh?sitas fm, s nave san rice on tape saying this was a protest that had gone bad. protest over the film, hillary clinton herself, many apologies for the film, obvusly there was the cairo deal as well. the indicio washisas a haadparknial trhen itad >>emd people let's play
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am bass sore susan rice on the sunday talk shows. >> the best assessment we have today is thatn fact this w at. p pmeta wa apoanus reaction to what had just transfired in cairo as a consequence of the video. ou current assessment is what happened in benghazi was in fact initially a spontaneousee racks to what hadustre opcatfheemst nsouacity in cairo, which were prompted, of course, by the video. >> what our assessment is as of the present is in fact what be spontaneolyenghazi trspeders eli in cairo. >> she is reiterating the same words over and over. >> that was a talking point she was sent out to deliver. >> by whom? >> i would -- my surmise and it's a surmise is that this was
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coordinated at the higst lehed ni,noncert with what is a perpetual campaign. we know the white house and the campaign operation for barack obama 's almost like a seamless deal over there. ty are working hand and glove together if t dn'he a we he dn,hyheushoer t? l a trible and tragic situation, we're going to get to the bottom of this and bring this information to the american people asap. the fact that they didn't say that, and they rushed out there, that is -- that is one of the many things and yho also diesrd prebuttal. they said it was all quiet outside the compound until 8:30pm. well that is not how it was described by the state department when this thing first went down. >>eporte that's right. we need to get to t bottom o thtttha grt see you. as we learn more about the security failings and possible
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cover ups surroding the murder of four americans in libya there could be serious implications for america's foreign policy. kt mcfarland and genal jack sof ticalueio ged about this. we are getting a whole new series of polls showing governor romney gaining ground on the president after last week's debate, including some very big ne out of the state of ohio. chris stirelt is next. thddla havey ne uerresidency? not so well. i want to help the middle class get good jobs, and better take home pay. i know how to do that. i spent my lfe working, working in enterprises. why geran howmend [ anc tharlymaoo thakdspy and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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the 28-year-old was taken into custody during a stopover on a tr from japan to bton. esre stc fm a conc ors hasrr arg a bulletproof vest and flame rardant pants. in his suitcase ty found, knives, body bags, a hatchet, collapsible baton, bayh owe hazard suit. billu huf ndor stte linkiren japan and he's scheduled to appear in court again on friday. governor mitt romney in the battleground state of ohio today where he is alongside the governor onew jsey,hr st siift ground in the week since the presidential debate there. now with less than four weeks to go the rea "real clear politics" average of ohio shows that romney and the president are in as u ehe chseoo a t
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a 5.5 gap closing to .8 over the course of just days. the governor campaigning as we said today in ohio, where he earlier stopped by a manufacturing plant. t' >>re r tcaeo or rising incomes. i actually have a plan that will create 12 million new jobs and get risingncomes again. alisy chris stirewalt is fox fom.tfpola oolitics etor and hi, chris. what is going on in ohio, the all-important state ohio, they are neck-and-neck. >> what do we know? we know you can't get elected present wiou 'sus fitt . kw pside lt hnt strategy for the election to blocking mitt romney in ohio. tense of milliontens of
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millions of dollars o the rougst,is perl frcnt president. they were folk is used on ohio and blue-collar workers to say mitt romney is a bad guy and you ought not vote for him. what we saw previously is that ohio wasn't acting like the rest of sng ss. atou uow he sngtaut g must-win ohio, largely because the president hadun such a tough, negative campaign and focused so much on romney in ohio. and the poof, that debate took place, and now ohio, the gap is imrttlyt y oor tio ckithet toury. yeenempving in michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, florida, virginia, north carolina, colorado, neva, all the swing states no longer is ohi lagging behind the rest of them, but the surge br momtitti a mnndhae scceingor campaign that was counting on
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ohio to be the bulwark that would block the republican challenger. alisyn: the fact that the governor is now within this whisker of the president in ohio pridt's lus debproduct of t orhee fce ay here? >> you have to remember that mitt romney beat him, mitt romney not only was advantaged by the fact that the president was a little list less, he also spoke clearly, spoke in a way that republicans had been an h sodnd lgt at ate wec applausable president. people creased to think of him as some guy who used to fight with rick santorum and newt gingrich and start t think stes o uni he's a guy thaould psed pyar.meer wost watched debate in at least 20 years. the fact is that given the larger audience and given the swing voters they took a look at mitt romney, liked what they saw and now the race is very much afoot. alisyn: we are less than 30 days
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ay. ty pdi ba w cldpe in these 30 days wn they are neck-and-neck, when the incumbent president is neck-and-neck like this with a challenger, what happens? >> oh, it's all about momentum, ali, the whohing is this. tt rnesonrn hedpl path. i would speculate by the end of this week mitt romney wil probably be in the hrao*ez in ohio as faohio. the president is very busy he i ast rat to libn reoly,ig b at eried isn't going to work. the obama race -- obama campaign needs to reset, figure out their new attack line on romney and start trying to blow him up against. i can't predict who is going to win. i can pdi ts. ll aotore aack fouive o y'l lds f this next 27 days. alisyn: how significant a factor do youhink this week's vice
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presidental debate will be? >> well, itould be pretty big, because here is the deal. the president wanted to -- the pridentas shashagrd at h looked weak and mitt romney got the upper hand. joe biden has a little trouble with the volume mad ooh lacing and sometimes gets a little carried away. the dange for them is if he's swinging too hd against paul ryan a d't c a ws p imlf tt be a troubled moment for the campaign skwraot other battleground states in addition to ohio, virginia, florida, you' seeing the same trend? >> oh, my gosh. look, what is happening right now is that thewing states -- this is becoming a natio econ tunder mh awe of the stakes of this election, they are considering their choices carefully right now it's helping romney. maybe it helps obama later. we've gone from a localized election toa very national elec. yn
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keht hheetim presidental debate this thursday night. the one and only chance for the running mates to go to toe-to-toe. we'll have live coverage and analysis before and after. "america live" comes live from ntucky on thursday onriday. an aftwabenit 8:55pm eastern time. set your alarms. new developments in the nation-wide meningitis outbreak. thousands may be affected, and some may not even know it yet. the race to find thousandsf people who coue a rk. in it's own supporters admitted they did not fully know what was in it. now businesses are finng out and one u.s. company with more than 150,000 employees is considering cutting wke wav t phe b that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the
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>> one agent secured ambassador stevs and shaun smith. the information management officer in a safe-haven. the attackers used diese fuel thk rly flem re structure. the agent began leading the ambassador and shaun smith toward the emergency escape window. nearing unconsciousness himself e onedhemeen capell wdowndt. rlid they had become separated in the smoke. alisyn: what a nightmarish scenario. she is the state department
1:26 pm
representative testifying to the house oversight commiee a short while ago abo h the atta ouronngzi uolth orw. rd governor romney revealed a surprising personal connection to the consulate attack in libya. the presidential candidate told a crowd in iowa that he knew one of the navy seals who was killed. the governor met glenoher nghancntew ar aisif ann at erong house party for a christmas party, and doherty was attending. he recalls the seal's passion for the mission in the middle east. >> he was a former navy seal, he le a himd and tdat he keeps going back to the middle east, he cares very deeply about the people yo can imagine how i felt when i found out this that he was one of the two form formeavy sealsil ien o ptbe11th tch os i recognized
1:27 pm
this young man that i thought was so impressive had lost his life in the service of his fellow men and women. according to the reports on cnn internional thatd,e budin annafe e somewhere else across town when he and his colleagues there heard that the consulate was under attack, and they went there. they didn't h.n. ker down w afet rhehe to we wre there is trouble. phraus. >> we go where we are needed. [applause] alisyn: we are watching that hearing. more of the testimony in a moment wkt marnd a nel ck kne relmentel ou tationwide meningitis outbreak, the death toll rising to 12 across ten different states. jonathan serrie is live in atlanta, give us an update.
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>>he death t ringse nonfiat fialloda nfat 7arl m who died back in july was indeed a victim of this fungal men me meningitis outbreak. we should point out tt this no tnsssle form of meningitis is on nve who received steroid injections to their lower back. there are now 120 cases in ten states. the outbreak was initially traced to a fungus that apparently can tomorrow natred three lots of injectable pai dipo by ecialthaacyn htts. eshe oiaay ermed a second type of funk gas associated with meningitis cases in that state, again conneed to this same medication. some members of congress are expressing concern that ceerhi flaomundiratisuc erds suspected in this outbreak faceless regulatory
1:29 pm
oversight than the actual drug manufacturers. congressman edward mkey of massachusetts sent a letter to the fda sayinpodi hacialnt to bla he. hse cmieen energy and commerce has sent out letters to goat the cdc and the fda requesting briings by the end of this week on this outbreak as this congressional it raus.investist t y. isn: srieha m f that. we are going to check back in with the hearings in benghazi. let's listen in and s what is happening. >> i am not prepared to render a formal opinion on whether or not th i iolvedeut lexias significant. >> according to people who were there you called it a terrorist attack. >> oh, that was in a separate statement, yes, sir. >> that's all i wante to know. >> yes, sir, absolutely. >> okay. because today, ace yoisamb,eai--ou
1:30 pm
have described these attackers in a number of ways, but you don't mention terrorist at all. why is that? i mean the compound had been attacked once before a ch, se h he weapons, projectiles, grenades, all kinds o weapons, why would you call this anything but a terrorist attack? and why do you call them attackers? co across. b i am not making any judgments on my own, and i am leaving that -- >> okay. t me ask you couple of other questions. there were 16 tros that were ere atha ay esd k there, and they sent a suggestion to you that they be kept there, and then you responded saying that
1:31 pm
if that was presented to you you uld not accept that. was that your sole decion? behahe itli. j wtha we're -- >> i understand, go ahead. >> and when the cable came in where arso nordstrom ld al ofisin r ndssk ourem erook s down with him or through emails and telephone conversations to workout all the details and line pene aecly how manyecurity wi t assessment that they needed those there. >> no, sir. we had been training -- >> no, no i just want to know, did you or did you not say that if that was presented to you you pt id notept i
1:32 pm
d y or did you not say ... >> yes, sir, personally would i not support it. he could request it. >> why is that? you knewbout all thesether attackshatadenla thad b14 >> wnin loc libyans and arming them for almost a year. >> local libyan militia was there. many of them supposedly were told by friend and relatives that there was going toe an d anfmefk ot cun th dtt eol in the attack. so i don't understand why you would say that out of hand that oueheon't think those 16 troop >>,ituepehe would not have made any difference in benghazi. >> in nordstrom, do you care to
1:33 pm
comment on this? >> as ms. lamb indicated veioit ms. lamb, with the region sal director and thefficer for libya itself and a lot of those discussions were specific to determining what exactlour pnnee we loe ts,the du w bthe personnel would be doing, be it e d.o.d. sourced or department of state sourced. e number that we continued to come up with -- and it i s rst mn mt t rst w approximately 12 armed security with an additional 6 persons that would be focused on training that local guardni iou b h yield.
1:34 pm
>> isn't it true we had this in testimony from the r.s.o. from benghazi they had 30% turnover per month in these people you were training. lloo crpl tom th in the unarmed and to a lesser extent in the armed portion of the training? >> we had in terms of a point of clarification, we did have -- the guard force was somewhat pohe gt w oyerecir by the embassy. >> i'm only speaking of benghazi. >> those were sub contracted. the decision to g with the contractor blue mounin w else ocef hongwoen we were concerned if we brought upon board full-time employees we would have to find a position for them if that post went away.
1:35 pm
it's my understding there was a high turnover with those t oermur asor gt stayed there largely for the duration. >> colonel wood, if you would like to finish. alisyn: we have been listening to the committee heang trying eni t left fourh americans dead. k.t. macfarland. it's great to haveou exis lejualbo w jurd weti m information from these whistleblowers basically, eric nordstrom whoas there tef nieg and colonel andrew wood about how they requested for security. they could s tecy atetra, coseregeac onesrners, yet for some
1:36 pm
reason it was declined by the state department. how do you interpret that? >> there was security -- requests for security were denied. as a result of that americans ed. sodyyi wheep assistant secretary miss lamb was talking about, they got the request and didn't hon year the, to me that's criminal negligence. i was in the white house during wee.nis le ti airies. the ambassador reports directly to the secretary of state. if he requested and his people requested more security. if he said i'm on a tget list fo aed veiseaieha 's made at aigh level at the state department or the white house. alisyn: why would the state department or the white house deny theequest for more security there? >> it defies dcripon w
1:37 pm
pemesn lien the department of defense denied resources to our troops that desperately needed it. it's confusing to come to grips with something as irresponsib as this. the harsh reality a the m daspl i bezie eti deel an unness loss of life. -- we had unnecessary loss of life. how sad is that. i don't think the request nordstrom is making is adequate anonop othathete rt t iow e w 9pl pctg a compound 300 yards by 900 and a couple of them would not have been there if the ambassador was not there. we can't defend a facility of that size with nine pe. efasnul an bad a have hundreds of people involved in that because we do not rely on lal
1:38 pm
security forces. alisyn: i want to play for you something eric nordstrom just ta oe dut t ure lng itnd l nhtmare i shall scenario where terrorists streamed into the consulate and began setting buildings on fire while our ambassador was trapped inde. >> i deenacn mpevly l in t with the diplomatic security service. i'm concerned this attack signals a new security reality. just as the 1983 beruit marine ac boms t mohso th8 east africa bombings an 9/11 did for our entire country. however, we must remember that it is critical that we balance our risk mitigation eorts with the needs our dlomats to do thei j
1:39 pm
omuneo ote alisyn: you heard him. he thinks this represents a new reality. >> i was in the pentagon the day of the berui bombing and he's absolutely right. from tt point forward we changed the posioning o our trerel deedverseas. but something no one has asked yet, i understand they didn't provide adequate security. but once that attack was going down they night was happening. they did not know how long it would last. whathe rult w bt icbeleapd? d eelos? wh did nobody try to send other security guards, security in benghazi. there was security in tripoli. we have forces in sicily. why did no one try to as that attack was going dn fdut at g o sf ers?e ul pct at's whole second line of unanswered questions. alisyn: here is another question
1:40 pm
that's come out from all of the testimony that's come out as well as this conference call that was basically the bombsll ichedmdhellt depen doknowasr stevens got to the hospital from the consulate. it was only because doctors at the hospital found his cell phone and beganalling his call list cou they figure out who asnd sta cct t do rmn? kmo he serious problem we had -- this personal security detail got separated from him which is a major issue. the people o the grod t co decision they were making. but the facts of the matter is we lostontrol rather quickly at tt site. we did not have adequate people and we lost control of the ambassad. alisyn: who is rns f wdo the administration
1:41 pm
do? they throwing a lot of dust up in the air so you are not sure what happened and who to blame. is is the movie the security d k twedepartment dloma. . ve tes w tideon nnl a political decision not to give them the kind of security they wanted. but it was probably a political decision not to rescue them. and is it a political decision rr f ebo lot of blue skend w khape unafter the election? alisyn: thank you for k.t mcfarland and general jack keane. we'll continue to listen to these hearings throughout the day and hope we can get more aners. ar ist mt. pleerist out of pakistan to tell you about. a 14-year-old girl shot for defying taliban orders and going
1:42 pm
to school and being a champion of girls' edution. we'll asknemp oe ch snk tue otet ten it deserves. the vice presidential debate is not until tomorrow but he's already being hit with the label "liay s toc. m i 6.. i'oticnge .
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alisyn: we are keeping an eye on the hearing by the house on the behaziillis. l g o ynfti >> as we saw from this convention speech, it's an open question as to whether congressman ryan will lay out anything that with stands the scruny of the fact checkers.
1:46 pm
nfd ikeeb th wng s ain to get elected. even if it means being completely dishonest about their own positions, never mind the president's. alisyn: almost 24 hours before the fir vice pdeial de aopemtsre rag tis ahe the vice presidential nominee paul ryanmay lie on stage. several suggesting his performance will be laced with falsehoods and untruths. this comes a week after goverr romney faced a similarttack pprsamnans an sgale romney a liar for how he laid out his positions in first presidentl debate. >> are you saying governor romney lied or was dishonest? >> i think he was dishonest, py pentut aiatt ry was t. e aklast night he was lying. >> i think that we expected an
1:47 pm
aggressive debater to show up last night on the debate stage with barack obama. we didn't expect an aggssiv dieseb tho u meoarua iit they saw was a governor romney they had known all along and what's the problem in the past is they haven't seen that person and he finally emerged during the debates. >> you mean h lied through his teinth rli taxea people? he many the etch-a-sketch guy who transformed himself and we sales have to wonder which mitt is going some show u if you just lay out lie after lie after lie about yourwn ans wes idha b tng t,ce uoo go alisyn: let's go to two truth tellers. monica crowley and kirsten powers. th are foxews ctribor
1:48 pm
nile s w ihahe best -- supposedly best political minds in washington hav come up with to explain the president's underwhelming performance, the other guy is a liar. >> thi is whate h c doo tbaam si i triniand amusing that president obama and his team who have lied to the american people about their willingness to cut the deficit, their reality of obama-care, fast and furious, and now the trutut tct tt tatof t tri at iensyha killed four americans. they have been repeatedly lie together american people for years. i find it ironic now they are leveling that attack against gornor romney and paul ryan. uouf gy odhasicroio it's straight out of the saul alinsky playbook.
1:49 pm
the american people are focused on the facts. what romney and ryan have in eirenheac coac a governor romney in the debate because he has the facts about the economy. alisyn: kirsten, is that how you interpret it? >> it's interesting to juxtapose atpe i libya where there were some untruths told if you want to be subtle about it. when you have the administration being dishonest about the way they handled aer very seous iue finur ar ain pef lying because of things that i think are probably differences of opinion, it's pretty startling. i think it's desperate. this liar liar strategy iser e te fly considering
1:50 pm
obama really just was pretty much decimated byrum any in that debate. why they continue to bring it up befuddles me. thalen wthesi aou be a post partisan president. he was going to rise above politics. i know we are laughing now. but that was part of the promise. in fact when he was president in 2009 you botecal w yo l wn the president was talking about healthcare' let me play for what you the president's response was then. >> we have to get to the point where we can have a conversation th volhoutamrtantssueha calling, without the assumption of the worst in other people's
1:51 pm
motives. alisyn: what happened to that strategy? the obama enomy is i ll.pyothn o autfolical and rhetorical ammo and they are out of ideas. now they have been reduced to calling the other side liars. the fact is you touched on somethg important which is d pio el a somebody who was going to change the conversation, the tone, the way things were done in washington. and he obviously hasn't done that. alisyn: why didn't he tell his og, g tet uhagu m watch. >> it's not like they woke up one day and said independently to start calling romney a liar. it's a strategy. i don't think it's something the president doesn't want them doing. think it a seg ffa i tt's
1:52 pm
turning around. but the reason they are doing this is because he did so badly in the debate. we can see so clearly how it's being reflected in the polls. they are desperate. at hdow hanoes i tac o cot hlf wh changed? >> i know -- i guess i'm the only person who is not shocked when politicians go against the promises that they have made. i never really bought into that in the firstlace seg and -- there are a few lines in politic that usually aren't crossed and unof them is people usually don't call other people liars. believe it or not. this is -heps t overnd over accuse something one of lying is kind of unprecedented. al require is shocking to hear
1:53 pm
the people might be jaded in washington or talkingbout al yh.slee fox news alert on the house oversight committee investigation into the attack on our consulate in benghazi that killed four americans. moments ago the state departmt was being grilled on why the mistration sgest tha akneo tmeor intelligence community knew within 24 hours that terror was to blame. >> based on those verbal teats we intervened. absent constitutional ahority. we bombed l. trhe a tedirol stations. looking any civil security, weapons are everywhere, thousands of shoulder to air misses are in the loop. our milit ierveion le grrnsliib maf u dra reics alike made that
1:54 pm
argument to try to stop the war it am not surprising given the inflated threat and the expectations inherent in our nation building in libya that the state department was not otou dmaro t predictable threat it many not surprising and it, not acceptable. it's easy to blame some wins. like a civil servant at the state department. we know game. decades of americanorgn po dtlonuto o armed militias around the world. it's even harder to look at congress's role in the ar inability sphe w ane eacha still killing innocent civilians and strengthening radical element. we wanto stop the aacks on our embassies.
1:55 pm
let's stop trying trt rns. s aheea at inen dnoke safer. they do not protect our nation. they are themselves a threat to america. mr. kennedy, i would like to ask tahe lce o qaedaore or less involvement? >> i will have to take that question for the record. i'm not an intelligence expert. >> you don't have the intelligence you are saying? i t o may havehe nextuen. an opinion. >> i wanted to ask ambassador kennedy. next question, ambassador kennedy. how many shoulder to air missiles are capable of ooti -- a cle ti diln png aiesllsin libya? this happened since or
1:56 pm
intervention. can you answer that question? >> i'll be glad to provide it for the record. >> you are sayg you don't know. thmavif not know, sir aot at ae s department. >> does anyone know how many shoulder to air missiles that can shoot down cilian airliners are in libya. swe00 a00ote nn >> the gentleman's time is expired. did you want them to answer a question about al qaeda growth? >> is al qaeda more or less established in libya sin o lvt. er d.eews a certainly more established than we are. >> thank you. with that we recognize the chairman of the subcommittee and mr. chaffetz. >> in ntr sefe
1:57 pm
t' c o rd. yorein m personnel and that was either rejected or denied or just simply ignored, correct? >> we were asking just to keep what we had. >> wnou w'teous pp t y a the other security officers on the ground? >> i'm sorry? >> as i recall what you told me when thatas denied you were given a pay increas t y. ias in danger pay for a post. as part of normal procedures we are asked for input atost. i as part of that process would e agore inrmation on sit tsreesesor onnel. that was denied, but the state department went back and reclassified it as more
1:58 pm
dangerous, the danger pay therefore increased. they didn't tell you we didn't have rource that congress just r bt. g ance bse thng wis >>tor we received a danger pay increase. >> did the buildings in benghazi meet the so-called standard. after the bombings in berui we formalized theinim d m tin ner t bin in benghazi nor tripoli immediate those standard nor was in a plan for the next phase of construction which was called the interim embassy would they meet the standardsitr. dutoon gdy fo axilyea that was a major cause of concern and that was the main physical security issue that we continued to raise. >> i would point to an august 20 cable at u.n. officls ev sit t
1:59 pm
ng a unquote. unwilling to take on anyone with powerful patrons or from powerful tribe. this cable says incidents anyone this surity vacuum as they rer t igh ouoite 4. in their memo they highlighted a septemr 1 maximum alert. a maximum alert. september 1. this was the information that was coming. and what'surng ha hed oro t r consulate is bombed twice. the british ambassador has an assassination attempt and you are arguing whether the number was 5 or 2 or 5 or 3 andhe security experts who have been sos a f t ne wood. did participate in requests for additional personnel in libya
2:00 pm
and what was the consequence of those requests? >> yes, i did epio teqr or ach as they dealt with s.s.t. support. i review some of those document and assisted in the preparation of those. i would like to add also that eti- ppss frustratiromhe the second request for extension that occurred in april 5, ambassador cretz encountered difficulty in understanding what was going on. wastionti sis .o. a.o. i gim togher with general ham. they worked out an undetanding. general ham made it very clear to ambassa cretz he could have the.s.t as ng a nehe ern thas m
2:01 pm
clr to him. it was also made clear to john pol lashak. itedhat me p that the s.s.t. was his as long as he needed them. all he had to do was request them and general ham was perfectly willing to provide that support. erpecaasrl tropical didou , d sir y no k additional d.o.d., s.s.t. extension? >> i recall two specific phone lls. one in the february time frame and one in t j tefram onll by talking to two agents who were present in the living room of the ambassador's precedence which we lewissed --
2:02 pm
fist -- which wses al: ihese ovghmi investigating what went on at consulate in benghazi. they are talking aboutevels of security andhether when the top agents on the ground wanted more security and were those retsfi a i ft and we requested it any way. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> we now go to the gentleman from massachusetts. we appreciatthis patience. for five minutes. >> al: tsoxsle onewctto the fallout over the murders of four americans in libya on september 11. a tragedy that raised questions about who was in the obama administration knew the truth about the actual circumstances 'sraewr oat attack andn. m alisyn camerota in for megyn
2:03 pm
kelly. the white house is holding a briefing with reporters for the this tim in two weeks. rnoioodeo c-- as hbe watching, house lawmakers are holding their own hearing about what went wrong. let, listen in to jay carney. >> i have great faith the washington nationals will recover. e rtthe'al about. but one witness at the house committee is already testifying the security at the u.s. consulate in benghazi was woefully inadequate. this follows a powerful denial from the state deparent fis thev tantus reaction to that anti-islam film. you may remember that was a claichoed by some within the administration several days after intelligence suggested that that was not the case.
2:04 pm
rrndc cainrr i here. tell us the most interesting things you have heard. >> we have had testimony that the consulate in been gatsy as well as at mainas i ed itandards. when you have a posting in an area with a high likelihood of a terrorist attack or civil unrest there is a classification in the state department. from that very specific physical ateea aeaa previously reported here on fox september 28 is that the consulate did not meet those physical security standards and they are important because it's supposed to give the ambassador and hiseam a golden hour they ihameiott a they can burn the classified information and call in for an
2:05 pm
emergency evacuation. based on our reporting from what i understand the consulate in sats 1 minutes. that's why we saw the sensitive document left behind and our ambassador was killed. alisyn: thank you so much. let's go to jay carney os it h.s bin a atntm the intelligence community was the same as i had at that point. as time went on additional information became available. clearly we know more today than we did on the sunday after the attack. d ima besss meswa avble' cnu coting with you. the point we have made all along, initial assessmen in the immedte aftermath of the attack ieni weadd
2:06 pm
as a gnmwi ss twa t da ohat ambassador rice said, what i said and what others sai it was what we knew based on the limited facts we had available to us at that time. ambassador rice clear said sunday these werena ctntgewe laatim th wer conclusions of the intelligence community for the entireovernment. i made clear repeatedly when i have been here on the road talking about this that no one ise ierd iin whap igh at pdef un ths he directed his secretary of state the day after the attack to take the actions she did to set up the accountability review board to assess the security posture in benghazi and ehe. veatthtael toin o is responsible. it's why the president is so focused on assuring that the
2:07 pm
perpetrators of the attack that killed four americans are brought to justice it's why the preside has made clear and directed that actio is ten ie sit oepatsond dematic facility. again, from the beginning we prided information based on the facts that we knew as they became available and based on assessments about it sent t i the intelligence community. we have been clear all along this was an ongoing investigation, as more facts beca available we would make you aware of them as appropriate d weave de t t ed t rctus that. >> do you think there was inadequate security at the consulate? >> there is no question when four america are killed at om fitmeg
2:08 pm
ro. th we es thh accountability review board the security posture there, the security posture of other fat silt around the world -- other facilities around the world, especiay a thiosvoon st an pdfraio th country. and that's absolutely aocus of the president's concern right now. that we make sure that our plomatic personnel who go abroad just likeurilit l of diplomats go to very dangerous places and take enormous risks because they are serving their country and serving the interests of the american people abrd. becae it's i our intt th aca bepnt coy ib country that the united states played a role in liberating from a
2:09 pm
op tro t aca byeroc o t steps that need to be taken to bring back enhanced security where appropriate for dip that i can personnel around the world. alisyn: very interesting to hear xtittoomeeeta's w i testimony. he's trying to answer questions about how the story from the administration changed so dramatically the last month. here is a sample h the statemenunfold after the tack s ate t t administration? did the administration mess up in any way? >> what we have seen is unrest around the region in response to a video t mmsd
2:10 pm
ns >> binatanes assessment we have today is that in fact this was not a preplanned premeditated attack. >> ambassador rice in her comments on every netwo over e wkend wylend isuthaurti senf happened is. >> i'm saying based on the information we initially had available and have available, we do not have any indication at epedacntf pmedition or d quonye ti killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy. >> what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. >> there is no doubt the kind of weapons that were used, the ong altttast juob action. now -- we don't have all the information yet so we are still gathering it. alisyn: quite a narrative there.
2:11 pm
ralph peters will joins at the bottom of the hour and he will spon w h jrd 1arlnis shot in the head on her way to school. targeted by taliban gunmen beuse she was outspoken about ucating girls. a free speech fighter joins to us explain why she considers the realarnenoe inhiss i getting attention it deserves here. new concerns 10s of thousands of american workers can find themselves without full-time work in the presidt is reelected nohat m anonri din thmp from full time to part time status. a house hearing underway on the murder of four americans in libya. who made the decision to cut security at the consulate in benghazi and i cir te celph peters will join us with the latest on
2:12 pm
that hearing ahead. >> when i was in libya a good part of the d day, never once did a person menon a video. dendm pdef the united states. from the secretary of state and the ambassador to the united nations, how they can justify that this video caused this attack. it was a terrorist attack. oh no,ot aigrae no y .. ye i ada y .. ye t iss new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula. mom? who'som? i'm gs ot u namjehi s tapi oic ranans. u you know the giants don't have a mascot right mom? [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right.
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2:15 pm
ynwe aonin pihi dopry ths e ese ovee committee is holding a hearing rarlgd the investigation into the attack on our consulate in benghazi that killed four americans. we'll coinue to monitor this hearing and bring you any fowsrthe smevelopment t a t c t four decades of affirmative action on its head. the judges heard arguments in a
2:16 pm
lawsuit involving a college student who claims she did not get into theniversity of texas cause sh ishi noeain l. >> reporter: it was a hot bench today. there was a lot of tough questioning across the board and it started because a teenager decided to take on a fight that brought her here to the u.s. supremeourt alshsui t er o t an ng u race in its admissions criteria caused her a white female a spot in the freshman class. one person could change t face igrduonos t t yy t courage and perseverance to stand up for equality and what was right and stand up for the guarantees fundamentals to all of us that we arentd
2:17 pm
rteef jce john roberts and alito and scalia hammered the attorney. where do we draw the l st tchlsi beeshain arntod >> we believe the educational benefits of diversity are so important they are worth fighting for all the way to the united states supreme court our lawyers this morning feeldeas ichaer, ic otherwise benefit all of the students on our campus. >> reporter: the man who had nneryone'size onus rss usen trying to right past wrongs and make sure there is diversity in our colleges and workplaces but
2:18 pm
he expressed concerns about how to do that without discriminating against others in the proces decides.wd. today in the courtroom he expressed a lot of scepticism the university at texas in austin is using. alisyn: thank for tt front y etsavreedt. this conservative court could end up killing affirmative action. judge andrew napolitano is here. >> the significance of ts ce wl er ud deonth.sup con 2 which permits state-owned schools to take race into account when they formulate their admissions policies, or lit change that law. if it uphold ithis will happen all over theountry and people min chdedyi tn stbae.
2:19 pm
100 years of jurisprudence which says we fought the civil war and enacted the amendments to keep race out of the government's menu of decision-making pro l haisile stayed-owned schools. i don't think the court would have decided to hear this case it wasn't going t change the law. usually it waits a long time before it will reverse itself. so this will behink matyou wgo can't use race or gender. yocan't not let her in because she is a woman. you can't usage or race. these are charactertics of r et f t s.h have no place i ari sl, e tid w can take advantage of assets the state owns. alisyn: do you think chief justice roberts or the justices
2:20 pm
as a whole were looking for an opportunity to review the licyns? he aotf sle hihahi jce roberts is looking to redeem himself with traditionalists after he switched his vote we believe and voted to uphold ball care black the spring. stthploueerns to thehi to thie l be ruled on the affordable healthcare act back in the spring. but i believe there is a majority on the court to say race is out of the question. one way or the other whether it's bignrri eernose toe dio justice is o'connor has been replaced by justice alito. justice kennedy was in the minority in the 2003 case. ayta slset ohe ofs bes of trying to
2:21 pm
formulate your classes based on race. alisyn: we would have to be lor blinds in terms of admissions. judge andrew napolitano, great yeld g pta. trto s uheib and she gets shot down for the crime of going to school. a free speech fighter joins to us explain why she considers the real war on women to be unfoldingverseas and why she e ati dvee.ues n gng nt t h oig committee asked questions about our security at the consulate in libya. ralph peters is ahead with his take. >> a compound owned by us serving like a csulate was each lesn 6 d be tde the ambassador in that facility, isn't that true? >> sir, we had the correct number of assets in benghazi at
2:22 pm
enee uf1 e is expired. to start off by saying you had the correct number and through ambassador and three other individuals are dead and people are in the hospital recovering cause it only took moments to breach thatacity. sow n'ee t teat
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>> when i came up to give briefing follod a day or two te bymbdoicot id i my oral statement. if i or any other senior administration official career or non-career would have been on that television show. e llceoron one.
2:26 pm
that was then available to us. this has been as you all know a have much he involving situati situation. what we knew that first weekend s evo otiew muorown kwn. al:t was the state department defending ambassador susan rice. of speci interest. why the administration initially seemed to blame that interne deo thle teenomtyw wi 2ur t terrorist.were to blame. you we'll continue to monitor this hearing and we'll bring you any and all importa developments. tgeir rer r gthe h a taliban gunman for speaking out in support of education for girls. doctors think she will pull
2:27 pm
through, but the taliban has voweto hunt her down and kill her ifhe l. neueay ts geg gh ati h i want to tell our viewers about this incredible 14-year-o gi. pes oi pta a edior girls. when she was 11 years old she started a blog with the bbc under a pseudonym. an as a result she now clings arch b tcalma iler >>s a most remarkable little girl. it's horrifying the way she has been treated. and it's unfortunate it takes an incident like this to focus the wod's tentn on t f l a the taliban to
2:28 pm
hamas and hezbollah are engaged in the premeditated murder of innocent children. th are recruiting thems sue erndsim asan sds ahere murdering them for wearing a westernized haircut. alisyn: this is an incredible symbol of what the tibanla to d t at home, we are talking about big bird. not to trivialize this. this was not spoken about at the debates and we areotalking cuon what the taliban is planning to do? >> nobody wants to be called islamophobic.
2:29 pm
anyonewho is brave enough to spabad ind children for air activits are beingalled islamophobic. p. congressman kingutom st hheldno were being kidnapped by al qaeda. peter king was called anslam phone for advocating the human rights of children be pct a shaup l amy rnatnal and the human rights council has refused to spotlight this issue. alisyn: is there a feeling we had hoped fingers crossed the taliba had somow cro ey weren't al qaeda, they are
2:30 pm
not as brutal and hideous? >> i think you would be fooling yourself to believe something like that. we have seen the past0rs s,yaghe try systematic indoctrination of muslim children. they are taught through their television and schl textbooks, by their political and religious leaders to hate ttnd rety aakhe owve f the sake of a violent jihad. if you say that. say you are a member of the fbi and you talk about radical islam or say the words islam orgy had. you get fired. indam t training manuals in the state department. this administration refused to highlight how radical islamists are killing children.
2:31 pm
alyn: l'sop y me bng in vain and allowing to us talk about it more. thanks for bringing it to our attention today. a giant restaurant chain is reatening to slash ior s. 18000 people will be busts from full time to part time. is this the future of the american economy? also house lawmakers demanding to know what went wrong on the ground in libya. baorhantnclung er/1 ths fr pointing within the obama administration intense guys over who knew what when. colonel ralph peters. >> approximately:4m.oc d akenc a full-scale assault. they forced their way through
2:32 pm
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2:36 pm
no one in the administration has claimed to know all the answers. we have always me clearhat gngee rmn av te. thfoion has evolved. for example, if any administration official, including any career official, were on television on sunday, september 16th, they would have al:ethasteambassador rice sa. epoan jnt toiso ari new questions about why the administration verse of events about what happened on 9/11 has changed so dramaticly since those four americans were killed at our consulate in benghazi a month ago. in just the tek wi 2oha tr to blame, but five days after the attack, on september 16th, u.n. amssador susan rice went on a series of sunday talk shows and said the following: >> best assessment we have today is tha inactis w la, eded ck
2:37 pm
att en initially was that it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. our currt assessment is that what happeninenzi, a iia a san ac tatu transpired hours before in cairo, almost a copycat of the demonstrations against our facility in cairo which were prompted, of course, by the video. what our assessment is as ofhe prest, cth n onnouy ngha as a reaction to what had transpired some hours earlier in cairo. alisyn: joining usow is ralph peters, fox news strategic analt, also t author of "c gsb" ,lp hi, alisyn. alisyn: one of the bombshells from this is that there were no protests in benghazi, they now admitnd we now know. there wasn't demonstrations, i
2:38 pm
wasn't about the vid. doee ceyho otes jsaoso a nitiffl, s department official who was sent out five days after would have had the same intelligence and would have said that ts was all just a spontaneous protest. >> well, i've got the tell you, listening to jay carney dws me into fba iswh ihe li,y ia was the former soviet union, its military, its government. and listening to jay carney reminds me of a younger, sleeker version of old stalin-era up whi hou juse dot , eote lie. and when that lie doesn't work, they tell another lie. i've never seen in the course of some pretty bad republican and democratic administrations in my lifeti, i've never seen such a wantisrerd for the t. i louti eelnc cni within less than 24 hours
2:39 pm
everybody who mattered knew this was a carefully-planned terrorist attack. you didn't even need inteigence. yolooked at what happened. but, alisyn, the wteouse naivelonaiv prenmash with his own bare hands he killed usama bin laden. with his fists, he beat al-qaeda to a pulp. and sddenly on the 11th anniversary of september 11t what do you get? aarlyrdedut beziicwe resolutely unprepared, determined to be unprepared, and four americans including an ambassador died. so they went into panic mode. who do we blame? oh, at video. biisyost ted outhe yayweid unprepared. we now know from the testimony we've been listening to in the past couple hours that the security guys on the ground were asking for more security. they didn't think they should be sent home. they were going to be nt home
2:40 pm
stdemeaclytoldth tun i gng w. e m et attacks, in fact, there's a threat against chris stevens on facebook saying that they're going to get him when he goes out for one of his morning runs. whyould the state department -- well, let's lien. quon -aualllauhe re mam yrdyou told us in testimony that you received from mr. nordstrom a recommendation but not a request for more security, and you prus s tif h in fact,ou h bmd rstyou would not support it. is that correct? >> sir, after our meeting last night, i went back and at the time -- >> first, answer the question, then i'll let you eand. kid yosayhatsty? thould srtif gyohe rest? >> under the current conditions, yes.
2:41 pm
alisyn: ralph, it snds like what she went on to say is she somehow thought that the libyan security teams thatere bei aico f eof i e icecy w h. hink ms. lamb is very aptly named, certainly no tiger. but you're seeing what happens when ideology rather than self-interest and rational thinking guides licy. d e c uro diathe a subculture in the state of people who just believe our military is nasty and wicked and evil, and the foreigners are somehow better andnoer t thpls,uteen d inatpee, it's not excusable, but you can explain it. under the condi rice state department, the pendulum swung the other way. in iraq the rice state cos,gs a mnamployed hired gun,
2:42 pm
raover is, aure cent iraqis, the least diplomatic contingent were our diplomats. when secretary clinton took over, she said we're n going to do that anyme. but steaf ng abaed pr, enh -wi'gshe ghe marines out of there, get the special forces out of there. we don't trust the military, we trust the locals. it's a self-inflicted tragedy. alisyn: why do we still not know what haened with aassar we k a lorou doknow got to the hospital. there are a lot of unanswered questions. >> and they will remain unanswed until after the november election. nolyroteest.otesque t r-tried to cover-up the cover-up. so i think the truth will certainly come out, and we'll see a real investigation
2:43 pm
sometime after the election, but not before november. and i also have to add painful to bmfisvebe,to ralet latrype t, clg ambassador stevens' personal life. could any relationships have played into his vulnerability, security lapses, his professional contacts. thefbi know how to do th if you turn 'emoos itooaou baz rhe the fbi have been in combat zones going back at least to vietnam. they're tough. this administration does not want the american people to know even a glimmer of the truth about what happened. isynlper as tlko ksmuweho eas some questions answered. thank you. new concerns that tens of thousands of people could find themselves withoutfull-time work. up next, see why an employer of grg erts eye is now changing a
2:44 pm's a h we have big dreams.
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one is for a clean, domestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us twork here in america sutiind r. th anedepmtting us twork s srie in america we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas...
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putting us in corol of our energy future, now. alisyn: al the house oversight committee asking questions about the attack on our consulate in libya. you can see enoroe th h tnggs wms t decisions that were made after the request he made for additional security. let's listen in. >> quite some time. we were concerned about. that specific group had been involved in a similar but, obously, mucllca inin the tunisian consulate in benghazi where they stormed that facility. and it was in protest to what they claimed was an an-islamic film in tunis. >> so thank you veryuch. 16mbdoce went on tv,
2:48 pm
and i'm assuming it was at the direction of this administration, he was not there on her own. i'm sure he has better things to teheriplatly moing. ofthelnc foiod nl one conclusion, when it is clear that intelligence expes, security experts and even ambassador kennedy loong at the information that was happening on tv could have nclusothinfe? thutou at - 'sutound shameful. >> thank the gentleman. we now go to the gentlan from illinois, mr. davis, for five minutes. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman, and can i want to thank all the witnessesor participating. by appearing here wh usda alnt cnd e e and women who risk tear lives on a dale -- their lives on a daily basis by serve anything these high-risk areas. i also extendy cols
2:49 pm
faes twh l ri we injured during this tragic attack. following the death of ng-time ruler momar gadhafi, libya d its citizenentered rit sipe. ambassador stevens once described this period as, and i quote: a time of great excitement as the libyan people first experienced frdom, but next.fhghme ambassador stevens i think, obviously, was correct. ambassador knedyngs e le treti cod uxn to us the importance of the diplomatic mission in libya and the special
2:50 pm
post in benghazi? >> thank you muc s lu. ngs r o t revolution. there is, essentially, two major parts of libya, east and west. in order to help the libyans move forward, to help the nendrmu take advtage of their deattry, we all wish for any nation to have, we could not hupger down, we could not say out. as i mentioned earlier, the state department has to go into harm's way. if we're going to advance u. nati sitinste we go t a colloquialism, we have to go where the action is. we will take every step we can to mitigate the risks to our personnel abroad, but we cannot end those risks. we cannot stay out of the acon. ancaasure
2:51 pm
t, sbeefe importance of benghazi in the development of the new libya, we had to have a forward operating location there, and we had to have visits there by ambassador stevens. >> thank you ve much. cauebe s oe challenges faced by security officers in analyzing security risk while allowing the diplomatic mission to interact induin pla -a ynu'ee lnio e house oversight committee, questions from representatives of the state department as to what went so terribly wrong at the csulate. we will continue watching and listening and brin you major lots t. eyaltrng l >> wge now to another big story that we're tracking today, and that's the world's largest casual dining
2:52 pm
company is testing out some controversial changes to its staffing as it looks for ways to avd the ad costs of t n lor,ive garden and longhorn steakhouse. it has close to 200,000 employees. the company's now planningo drop a number of its full-time employees to part-time status to avoisome of ets soedh oac dois h " dobbs tonight" and is a syndicated radio host. hello, lou. >> how are you? iss oda?i' doing wear. seat impact will be because of the, what is perceived to be by business in this country the crushing burden of obamacare. it is one of those consequences at was, obviously, easily foseeny rongrsad evtewhherein
2:53 pm
is it a good idea? it's never a good idea when people need full-time jobs for some people -- and they are at the margin -- par-time jobs wo. siisecon began. alisyn: and you say congress would have known this was one of the possible by-products because, frankly, it was telegraphed in the lawn that pre rato eyee comniest 30rsreeost that's a pretty clear loophole. >> well, it's a loophole, it is also really bad public policy because the president said he was going to insure everybody. datatsn t by the way, he -- anwhheveh miravewa to obamacare because they went along with the first lady's, what is it, an-obesity program and all that healthy living.
2:54 pm
i mane, this thing is screwed up -- mean, this thing is rewe uro tinbl lier ynary e are still many unanswered questions, and we simply do not have enough information to make any decisions at this time. so why not wait until 2014? >> because they're a business, im w eyeto k wth 'rt ces is president. they want to see what the consequence will be of the business decisions and the change in business practices that they will undertake to avoid the burden of obamacare. alisyn: is there a danger for darden that tn people won't nt tworkoem a ea t rausf mean, it's almost -- i understand where you're coming from. in this economy, alisyn, we're talking about people who want to eat, and i'm talking about the people working part ti. they're not workg prt te cathannde oeirht wnthein
2:55 pm
they need the work. what we have to do are have public policies that are aimed at driving job creation. this law is not in any way taking account of the thddlho are of those who aren tidas ison t tsth estbtaed about in justifying obamacare and why he wanted to move forward with it were the spiraling health care costs that everyone was facing. every year health care went up. is it possible that big companies like dardenor others wod hhae mom headmean t ckeacaos ihi thawhat is more likely, and we need to keep in context here s that about 70%, about tee-forties of the jobs wed tandanre made up of woache j t being created. because all of the fuss over the 7.8% unemployment number last friday and jack welch having a fit and conspiracy theorists
2:56 pm
everywhere, part of ishat apngth emy oyarrit . lngatplns part-time hiring, so people can avoid, employers can avoid benefits where it is, ultimately, by 2014 obama obamacare or whether it is now prodingny k o sue, kf bfi en1( isyn: is in the new normal? even if obamacare never happens, is this now how employers are going to treat employees? >> i think it depends on the choices made, frankly, on nomber 6th. itshe new nodee yee'oldfo f tiso you want, that choice is pretty clear. if it isn't, it's time to think about new directis. l. alisyn: lou dobbs, great to see you. thanks so much. a major warning for american motoris, eangethatou ur ie r. 'rveh sex en hdies
2:57 pm
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